Research seminars - semester 1

All Biological and Medical Sciences Research Seminars are held on Wednesdays at 4pm in JHB 208 Chakrabarti Room, followed by a reception.

Date Speakers  
5th October 

Dr. Arkhat Abzhanov (Imperial College London) 

“Craniofacial development and evolution in Darwin's Finches”

Date Speakers 
12th October 

Professor Helen White-Cooper (Cardiff University)

“Regulation of Gene Expression Drosophila Spermatogenesis

Date  Speakers 
19th October

PhD talks:

Dipali Singh: "Genome Scale Metabolic Model of Phaeodactylum"

Lucia Livraghi: "Evo-devo of Shx genes in the Speckled Wood butterfly, Parage aegeria"

Date Speakers 
26th October

Dr. Nathan Bailey (University of St Andrews)

“The flexible phenotype”

Date  Speakers  
2nd November 

Dr. Heather Witney (University of Bristol)

“The structure of the plant surface can influence both biotic and abiotic interactions”

Date Speakers  
9th November

 Professor Roberto Mayor (UCL)

"The mechanisms that underlie the development of the Neural Crest” 

Date  Speakers  
16th November 

Dr. Megan Davey (The Roslin Institute, University of Edinburgh)

“Hedgehog signalling and the role of cilia in development, with a focus on limb and neural tube patterning”

Date Speakers 
23rd November 

 Dr. Kevin Parson (University of Glasgow)

“The predictability and limits of evolution to increased temperature: insights from a natural 'experiment'”

Date Speakers  
30th November

 Professor Michael Way (The Francis Crick Institute)

"Cellular Signalling and Cytoskeletal Function” 

Date  Speakers  
7th December 

Professor Simon Myers (University of Oxford)

“Mathematical and Population Genomics in vertebrates”

Date Speakers 
14th December 

 Dr. Andrew Gillis (University of Cambridge)

“Embryonic development of cartilaginous fishes”