Dr Katja Graumann

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences - Faculty of Health and Life Sciences

Research activities

Details of my research

I am an early career research fellow in the plant biology group. My research focuses on the nuclear envelope in plants. I first became interested in this research area during my PhD studies (2005-2008) in the lab of Prof David Evans, also in the plant biology group. Previous to this I completed my BSc in Cell and Human Biology here at Oxford Brookes University.

In eukaryotic cells the genetic material is surrounded by a membrane system called the nuclear envelope (NE). In plants, this membrane is poorly understood in terms of how it functions and what it consists of. My research focuses on studying protein components of the plant NE. During my PhD studies I identified two such proteins – the Sad1/Unc84 (SUN) domain proteins. I’m using cell and molecular biology techniques, biochemistry as well as microscopy to characterise the plant SUN proteins. This includes finding out what other proteins the SUNs bind to and what functions they have during cell division.

Plant Cell Biology Research Group

Recent publications

  • Cook G.S., Gronlund A.L., Siciliano I., Spadafora N., Amini M., Herbert R.J., Bitonti M.B., Graumann K., Frnacis D., Rogers H.J., (2013), Plant WEE1 kinase is cell cycle regulated and removed at mitosis via the 26S proteasome machinery. Journal of Experimental Botany, DOI 10.1093/jxb/ert066
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Media enquiries

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